Incorporating Reiki

Stone  Therapy  comprises  many  different  aspects  of  physics  such   as thermal hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, magnetic therapy and compression. But the healing process of the stones reaches far beyond the physical as the stones themself.
The stones belong to the Earth and like everything else, carry vibrations. Their atoms, swirling microcosms of energy, generate the life force within the stones. Different stones will vibrate at different frequencies changing their healing properties.
The   placing   of   stones   on   the  chakra  areas  during  a  treatment  will assist in harmonising the bodys subtle energy levels. Crystals are also used in conjunction with the stones helping to increase the client’s feeling of well-being, neutralise negativity and lift depression.
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Intergrating Reiki with Stone Therapy provides a unique treatment that addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritural wellbeing leaving the client with an overwhelming feeling of peace and balance. The benefits of receiving  a  Reiki  treatment  whilst  interacting  with  earth  energies are individual and sacred.